February Yogi: Emily Neagle


Before tranquil space I had only taken one class through the Health and Wellness Center at my university. Looking back I feel fortunate that when I decided to follow-up that class with a more focused yoga introduction that tranquil space was the closest to my apartment and had a student discount! That was 10 years ago at the P street location and I spent that summer really getting to know yoga. When I moved from DC to Chicago for 3 years I tried many studios but never found the same je ne sais quoi** of tranquil space.

Now that I’m settled back in DC my yoga practice helps ground me through the daily dynamics of life. I can sincerely say that I carry off the mat confidence in my strength of body and power of mind that comes from taking a dedicated time for yoga. Aside from focusing on the themes and poses the studio sets each month, I made a 2014 resolution to be brave and dedicated with arm balances. It took a full year, but when my toes first popped off the ground in Koundinyasana this December I honestly felt like I was flying – it was amazing! Nevertheless, my favorite pose is probably forward fold. Despite how all the binding, balancing and twisting makes me feel accomplished, grounded and strong, its forward fold that fixes me back up after hours seated and miles walked in my office/city life.

Being a part of the tranquil space community means a lot to me and I love sharing this happy place with friends and family.

**The je ne sais quoi of tranquil space is actually pretty easy to describe. It’s the whole package: caring teachers give a good workout of body and soul that truly pushes your edge in a supported and safe way, dedicated to a mindful flow that gets me to release and live in the moment, all set to awesome music in gorgeous studios with natural light and elements of nature, exposed brick and wood, and come on those chandeliers?! plus tea and cookies, lavender spray, a fireplace and and a boutique filled with scented, sparkly, soft things – it is like Kimberly designed the space just for me.

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