Your Tranquil Space Rewards

perkvilleWe all know yoga is its own reward, but we also want to thank the loyal members of our cOMmunity through our TS Rewards program.   Think of it as a frequent flier program for tranquility, with our friends at Perkville keeping track of your points for you.  You will receive an email from Perkville soon after your first class with us inviting you to register.  If you no longer have that email, no worries!  Just go to and set up an account with the same email address you use with us.  All of your TS Rewards points will be there waiting for you:

Every class you take = 3 points!
Post about us on Facebook after a visit = 3 points!
Refer a friend who earns rewards points = 5 points!
Follow Tranquil Space on Twitter = 10 points!

Once you earn 150 points you will be asked to redeem them for tranquil space dollars at the studio.  You can spend TS Dollars towards anything we offer: class passes, gouter drinks, that TranquiliT piece you’ve been eyeing, or a colorful eco-friendly Jade mat to replace your well-worn one.  Points that go un-redeemed after 6 months will expire, so don’t wait to redeem them!

Still have questions?  Complete info on the TS Rewards program is on our website, or bring your questions to the front desk at your next visit to the studio.

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