January Yogi: Courtney Murchison


My yoga journey has been crooked with lots of gaps and detours along the way. Although I took my first yoga class in high school and followed up for awhile as a young working professional, for many years kids, job, house, book clubs and other things got between the mat and me. Then, a few years ago I visited a lifelong friend in Seattle who took me to classes at her studio. Although I immediately remembered what I had been missing for years it wasn’t until my doctor urged me to try yoga to help my scoliosis that I determined to find a studio near home. When I dropped into a Tranquil Space on- the- go class in Arlington (chosen because of the yelp reviews) almost 2 years ago I felt I had found what I was looking for: a challenging practice in a comfortable studio with encouraging teachers. It wasn’t until I had been practicing regularly that I realized I had found so much more, including a new way of looking at the world—(sometimes upside down, although I’m not sure I’ll ever do a headstand) that has been life changing. But like everything in life it’s the people who count—and in that respect I feel that I truly hit the jackpot when I found Tranquil Space. While the cookies and tea create a warm feeling of hospitality, it’s the kindness, inspirational words, and example for living set by the teachers, aids and staff that really keep me coming back. And one more thing—the wonderful new yogi friends I have found on the mat who remind me daily that we are all on the same journey.

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