January Teacher Feature: Sarah Peer

Sarah Peer

Favorite part of teaching yoga?

Savasana. It’s the grand finale to this beautiful dance that has just occurred between the body and mind. The whirl around stops and you become completely still once again, just like at the beginning of class. A mentor of mine once told me that the entire practice is about getting students to that bliss in savasana – guiding them to that moment of peace – and I have really carried that idea with me in to my teaching. Looking around at students laying in savasana at ease and knowing that I played a small role in guiding them to that bliss. Let me tell you, not much beats it.

Where did you grow up?

Glen Ellyn, Illinois. A suburb about 25 miles west of Chicago.

What inspires you?

People inspire me. You inspire me. Anyone who goes out there and gets his or her dream. Everyone has a story to tell if we just take the time to listen.

Favorite artist?

Former Principal Ballerina Gelsey Kirkland. George Balanchine himself choreographed roles made specifically for her, and every role she ever danced was flawless.

Favorite quote?

“If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.” – John Irving

Favorite yoga pose and why?

Just one?!? I love a really powerful flow, one that is going to bring you up to your edge again and again. A flow that gets you to that place where something in you says, “I can’t do this”, but then the other voice overrides and you do. That’s where the transformation occurs. That’s where you get stronger. Physical and mental strength go hand in hand. When our physical body amazes our mental body, transformation occurs.

Favorite food?

I have a huge sweet tooth. I love any and all desserts!

Favorite vacation you’ve ever been on?

Traveled down the coast of Ireland with friends right after high school. Started in Shannon and ended in Waterville – right on the Ring of Kerry.

If you could take a yoga class from any teacher in the world (living or dead) who would it be?

B.K.S Iyengar

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