Founder’s Muse – January 2015

holiday party 2014
A peek at our team holiday party, captured by Dibora.

Happy New Year and welcome to January at Tranquil Space
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While leading Monday’s Mindfulness, I shared a quote on how rest is not the opposite of activity, it’s the foundation for activity. It felt like the perfect reminder to inspire a different way of starting the new year. Slowly and intentionally.

To support your journey in 2015, I’ve created a complimentary online 52 Weeks of Tranquility program that will be delivered to your inbox weekly. To join, simply sign up for my weekly love notes and join our Facebook group.

Allow new year dreams to percolate. There’s no rush to plan the perfect resolutions, get in shape, or to figure out your life plan. I like to use “reflection, intention, action” as my road map for looking ahead.

Reflection: Take a few hours or days to reflect on highlights and lessons learned in 2014. Note what transpired throughout the year. Look through your journal, planner, or photos to insight recollections of forgotten adventures.

Intention: Upon review of 2014, what stands out as an overarching theme that you’d like to carry into 2015? It may be a word, an image, a phrase, or a quote. Write it down and display it where you’ll see it regularly. Use this word to assist with decision making, planning, and beyond. Does the action you’re considering align with your year’s intention? If not, it may help you say “yes” or “no” with confidence.

Action: Spend time settling back into a routine sans travel, family, and Santa. Notice what wants attention. Is your body in need of more movement? Sign up for yoga classes. Is your creative side feeling neglected? Spend time with your art journal. Is your home in disarray from holiday decor? Schedule a cathartic decluttering session {which I did all weekend and documented here}. Take micromovements forward one tiny step at a time.

Choose consciously. Create the small changes you crave. Listen deeply to the longings within. Give them proper time and space to percolate. What do you feel brewing within? What do you hope to bring forth in 2015? Here’s a peek at my dreams.

As we move into our 16th year of serving tranquility, I want to thank you again for the opportunity. Our talented team and vibrant community are incredibly special and I can think of no better place to experience rest than Tranquil Space.

May your launch into 2015 be filled with the foundation to activity, deep breaths and unadulterated rest. You deserve it.

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