December Yogi: Jillian Taylor

I first walked in to Tranquil Space about a year and a half ago when I moved to Washington DC after finishing college in Rochester, NY. In Rochester, I was a member of the Yoga Club which practiced hatha-style yoga and I although I missed the practice of yoga, I missed camaraderie of other yogis more and wanted to find something similar in DC. From the beginning I loved vinyasa yoga and immediately felt welcome in Tranquil Space’s cOMmunity.
Over the past year I’ve felt comfortable enough to try new yoga poses and expand my yoga practice to include arm balancing poses. I am so thankful for the mentorship and guidance of all of the instructors and other yogis at TS. I have never felt more proud of myself than the first time that I was able to do a tripod headstand, eka pada koundinyansana, or astavakrasana; because a year ago, bakasana felt hard to me.
I’m looking forward to more tea and cookies, lavender spray, and assists at TS!

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