Teacher Musing: Making the Leap to Advanced Teacher Training

Tranquil Space teacher Siobhan Carranza reflects on her decision to enroll in the studio’s Advanced Teacher Training.


Making the commitment to enroll in and complete my 500-hour teacher training was something that I wanted to do for years. The time never seemed right with my schedule, having two kids and wanting to maintain my marriage, but I knew it was time for me as a teacher to expand my own horizons. So, when the Advanced Teacher Training program was rolling out in September 2012 I told my husband that I needed to do it, over two years of course, in order to keep some balance in my life.

The first couple of weekends were right on target for me and where I was in my teaching, Kevin’s Welcome Weekend allowed me to find the mental space I needed and desired. Then, the sessions on Sanskrit and Mantra were the jump-start I needed to explore an area of the practice that I previously did not have the courage to dive into, but I’m so glad I made the leap. Next came the confidence to develop my Tot & Tyke Teacher Training, which is something else that had been brewing in my head for a couple of years. With Megan Davis, I got to get my anatomy geek self on and loved every minute of it. Kristin Leal and Darren Main are just lovely souls who have so much to offer; I have been fortunate to have studied with them previously, loved my time with them here and will see them again in the future.

Finally, the element that scared me the most was coming up with a thesis! Honestly, this is what kept me from signing up sooner. After graduating from the University of Texas with my undergrad degree many moons ago, I never had the desire that friends of mine have to go back for a Master’s (or two or three) or a PhD, but you gotta have a thesis to complete. I wavered on what to do and it was not until the fall of my second year that my light bulb went off. Since enrolling in the program I had shared my struggles with wanting to be a mindful parent and how to put that into practice. I turned to the Eight-Limbed Path of Yoga for guidance, and so that personal journey became my thesis. I don’t think I would have ever created a program/series that I plan to share in 2015 if it had not been for the Advanced Teacher Training at my yoga home. For this I have to thank Kevin, Dave and Kimberly for giving me the encouragement to make it happen and sharing their knowledge.

Om Mani Padme Hum
(May the jewel in the lotus shine forth to unite us all)
To learn more about Tranquil Space’s Advanced Teacher Training, please click here.

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