November Teacher Feature: Gregory Lennon


Favorite part of teaching yoga?

Every day I get to witness change. Perhaps it is the student who comes to class with the weight of the world on their shoulders and leaves it all behind on the mat, walking out with a renewed energy and outlook. Other days I see students having their breakthrough moments with asanas that they have been working towards, that suddenly become effortless. Whether the change is immediate or over time, it is a beautiful thing to see.

Where did you grow up?

My family is from central Indiana, dotted along Highway 1 from Bluffton to Hartford City. In every direction you see sprawling fields of corn and soybeans, interrupted only occasionally by farmhouses, barns, grain bins, and small wooded patches. I am still in the process of growing up.

Favorite book?

This is a horribly unfair question – like asking one to choose their favorite grandparent. A book that I have read several times over the years, which first sparked my interest in the mysticism of Yoga, is “The Razor’s Edge” by W. Somerset Maugham.

Favorite piece of art?

I love the works of John Singer Sargent, particularly the “Spanish Dancer”. I spent many rainy days in Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts reading while sitting with his portraits. Now as I see them on exhibit in other cities, I always feel that I am reconnecting with an old fiend.

Favorite movie?

Philadelphia Story (1940) with Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, and James Stewart savouring every line of delicious dialogue.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by those who have overcome great obstacles, and have used their experience to help others.

Favorite quote?

“The secret to life is meaningless unless you discover it yourself.”
– W. Somerset Maugham, Of Human Bondage

Favorite yoga pose and why?

Baddha Utthita Parsvakonasana (Bound Extended Side Angle) – One day in class with Kevin, we held this asana for what seamed like an eternity. As I rolled my shoulder back and opened my heart, I looked to the skylights in Earth studio, and the sun beamed down warm on my face. In that moment, I was overwhelmed with such a feeling of gratitude; I began to cry. The mind-body connection is so strong. When I come into this asana, I am always transported back to that day and that feeling.

Three people, living or deceased, who you’d invite to the same dinner party?

Oscar Wilde, Allen Ginsburg, and James Lipton (yes, from Inside the Actors Studio) to moderate. And can we please host the dinner in 1947 Tangier? I’ll have my white linen suit pressed.

2 thoughts on “November Teacher Feature: Gregory Lennon

  1. Carol

    November 1, 2014 at 7:05pm

    I love you.

  2. Maria

    November 4, 2014 at 9:33am

    Can I be a server at this dinner, set in 1947 Tangier? And then we’ll drive down to that popular gin joint I’ve heard so much about?

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