Yogi of the Month: Laura Leichum

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When I moved to DC about eight years ago, it was really important to me to find a yoga studio that had a strong teaching philosophy and a sense of community. I was lucky enough to discover Tranquil Space and each time I unroll my mat at the beginning of class I feel welcomed, inspired, and challenged. As a token of my gratitude, I wanted to share something I wrote that attempts to express my experience of yoga and how it gives us the opportunity to open ourselves up and to look deeply inward.




something borrowed



Another woman kneels

on the cobblestones

her forehead touching

the arc of the bridge

her hands are open

figure of a cup

a silent request

eyes down, head down

her bare neck

begging those who

flow over and past


In the class

I am rushing to join

we will repeat

this shape, balasana.

separated by more

than just language,

by faces that were

taught to close

or open with fear,

we align our bodies


Our breath pools

together as we kneel

and bow our torsos

until foreheads touch,

arms stretch out,

hands point in prayer,

we use what we have

to shape belonging


My body still

as a corpse now

near the Vltava river

I slip under,

a smooth dark stone

dropped in shallow

purling water

come to rest

against the others


No matter how

the body moves

it forms a question,

the beginning of something

at the end of something

a swan’s neck curved

towards the water

am I praying

am I begging

am I thanking



in the back of my throat

it unfurls

a vision of a green city

the bridge I recognize

as the angles and arches

in a tinted etching

I did not buy

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  1. maria

    September 29, 2014 at 11:19am

    Love Laura!!!

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