The Sunrise Yoga Challenge is Back in October

Wake-up with Tranquil Space every morning!

TS Travel Mug

Our 4th and final Challenge of the 2014 is quickly approaching as the Tranquil Space Sunrise Yoga Challenge will return in October!  We’re keeping enrollment open through Friday, October 3rd, so take this opportunity to hone your early morning practice and sign-up today.

You can read all the details below:

  • The challenge: Take 15 tranquility-infused early morning classes (6:45am or 7:00am) at either studio in the month of October.
  • The rewards: A Tranquil Space tote filled with some autumn treats + TS Reward points.
  • The instructions for signing up: There is no special pass required for this Challenge. You’ll use the membership or class passes you already have in your account. Just stop by the front desk next time you are at either studio and we’ll get you enrolled.

Good luck to all our Challengers!

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