Hip Hop Yoga & Pigeon Pose Party Workshop With Guest Teacher Mary Catherine Starr


Almost 1 year ago, I moved away from the Tranquil Space Arlington community. Although I live quite far away now (MA!), I feel extremely lucky to be able to return every once in a while to visit with all of the amazing yogis and teachers who are a part of the studio.
Thus, this October, I’m returning for a weekend of yoga goodness at my original yoga hOMe, Tranquil Space Arlington ;) During this visit I’ll be teaching two workshops focused on subjects that are near and dear to my heart–hip hop and hip opening!
I hope that between these two {very different} workshops, there will be a little something for everyone…
Hip Hop Yoga on Friday night, October 9th (8:30-10): We’ll practice yoga to hip hop spun by the one and only DJ Marq Few. There are few things that make me as happy as teaching to loud music and heavy beats, and I simply cannot wait to bring it back to the studio where this love started for me. Whether you’ve done it before or are brand new to Hip Hop Yoga, I hope you’ll join us! You will be sure to find yourself shaking it in down dog, whether you’re a typical booty shaker or not ;)
Lets Celebrate the Hips: A Pigeon Pose Party on Saturday evening, October 10th (5-7): I’m throwing a party to celebrate the hips and I’d love for you to come! During this celebration we’ll be honoring the external rotation of these joints, through a vigorous vinyasa practice that will include lots of pigeon pose variations, hip openers, and two hip-centric arm balances, which will come towards the end of the workshop. Not to be forgotten, we will end with some juicy restorative hip openers and a nice long savasana.
If you can make it, I’d LOVE to see you (or meet you!). I miss the TSA community more than you can imagine, and am so looking forward to returning for a couple of days.
You can read the full description of both of these workshops and sign up online here.
Mary Catherine

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