THIS Saturday Creative Awakening Workshop: Tap Into Your Creative Voice

lisa creative

Looking for a way to awaken the creativity that lies within you? Then join me THIS Saturday, August 23 at our Arlington location for a Creative Awakening.

“Yoga opens up the flow of creativity, the unfurling of the creator within.”

Creative Awakening can help you tap into the creative energy centers within you—the second and fifth chakras—to get energy flowing, clear energy blockages, and help stimulate your creativity. This 90-minute workshop opens with a brief introduction about what creativity is, what the chakras are, and why helping energy to move may stimulate the creative juices, followed by a vinyasa flow to help move energy throughout the body using movement, mantra, visualization, and meditation, closing with a juicy restorative pose and seated meditation.

“One can be creative all the time. Creativity is usually associated with all the things we do in any time of the day. Most of the things and almost all events can involve creativity. From cooking to dressing up involves creativity. Being creative tends to be shown when opportunities come or when the situation calls for it…”

 The active practice not enough and want to explore your creativity further? For those interested, following the workshop, we’ll be having a Knitting and Needlecraft Lab—90 minutes to join others in the cOMmunity in exploring knitting or crocheting. No knitting/crocheting experience required, we can teach you the basics. Bring your existing project or come ready to learn some of the basics. If you don’t have supplies, e-mail Lisa ( and she can help you determine what to pick up at the local yarn shop or craft store.

You can sign-up in advance here or see the front desk!

Hope to see you there!

Namaste, Lisa

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