New to Yoga? Our Newbie Yogi Workshop is Coming Soon

Yoga Dave Kidney-321_2_2 (2)

There is still time to sign-up for NEXT Saturday’s Newbie Yoga Workshop @ Tranquil Space Arlington!

Are you new to yoga or looking for a refresher on the fundamentals of vinyasa or just curious about yoga? Do you have friends or loved ones that you have wanted to get to onto a mat? Next Saturday’s Newbie Yogi Workshop is the place for you and them. This 2.5-hour workshop will introduce the basics of vinyasa yoga and explore alignment and breathing along with basic poses and relaxation techniques.

Dave will break down the alignment of some of the basic elements of vinyasa yoga classes, including step-back sun salutations (think forward fold, upward salute, plank, modified chaturanga – think low push-up, baby cobra, and downward facing dog), some standing poses (think warrior I, warrior II, extended side angle, and triangle), some seated poses, and basic finishing poses (like bridge, legs-up-the-wall, and shoulderstand, plus shoulderstand alternatives). We’ll also work on the basics of balancing poses, learning how to access your core, and suggestions on how to use props to make certain yoga poses more accessible to you.

Join us at Tranquil Space Arlington on Saturday September 6th from 5-7:30p for this Newbie Yogi Workshop. One week of unlimited yoga classes is included – the week immediately following the workshop only. (Do you have the $49 newbie special pass, a monthly/annual membership, or been using class passes? Ask at the front desk how the unlimited yoga classes are applied to your account.)

More information on pricing and how to sign up can be found here.

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