A View from the Inside: Level One Teacher Training

June TT1by Nicole Griffin

I originally wanted to do teacher training at Tranquil Space because I wanted a deeper understanding of what yoga is. I knew that every time I came to my yoga mat, I felt better afterwards. My body was stronger, my mind was quieter, and I felt like I was engaging in something that I could continue to learn for the rest of my life. I love the challenge of sinking my teeth into something that I will probably never fully understand. I study Arabic for the same reason. I doubt I will ever achieve perfect fluency in Arabic, but I love the journey of understanding the language piece by piece. I had a similar appreciation for yoga, but wanted a more comprehensive understanding of how and why it was beneficial.

TT1 has helped me to connect many yoga dots, and this deeper understanding has lead to a vastly improved personal yoga practice. After many discussions on proper form, I now catch myself shifting my hips forward when I am waiting at a crosswalk, and look down to see that I have raised all my toes because I am inadvertently concerned with evenly distributing my weight into all four corners of my feet. Little tweaks like this transfer onto the mat as well- I have been much more mindful of my form in fundamental poses like Down Dog, Tadasana, and especially, Chatarunga. I have noticed since beginning my teacher training experience that I have really slowed my practice down. I now make more of an effort to find a full expression in a pose rather than just rushing through it. I try to stick with poses that are difficult for me, rather than saying “this one isn’t in my wheel house,” and I try to appreciate the process more. One of the greatest takeaways for me from teacher training was reading and implementing Baron Baptiste’s “Seven Mental Mistakes.” Baptiste encourages you to let go of ambition and ego and to just enjoy the journey and the joy of discovery. I loved Baptiste’s wisdom and found it just as applicable to daily life as to yoga practice.

In closing, I got everything I wanted and more out of my teacher training experience at Tranquil Space. I have a deeper understanding of anatomy, form, breath, and yoga philosophy, I have 13 brand new friends, and I got invaluable learning time with the unbelievably knowledgeable and wonderful teachers at Tranquil Space. I can’t recommend this program more fully, and I am very much looking forward to teacher training level two!

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