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The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life. — William Morris

Welcome to August at Tranquil Space. We’re launching a new $99/month basic membership, offering our weekly lineup of 100 creative classes plus workshops including newbie yogi, detox, teacher training summer camp, inversions, book group, writing lab, creativity, mindfulness, and more. Peruse our offerings and you’ll find something to grow your practice on and off the yoga mat.

As we move closer to the celebration of our 15th year, I’m storytelling. From our humble beginningscore values and how we live themmy first yoga experiencethe origin of Tranquil Space, and an exploration of the term tranquility. This month we’re examining the Tranquil Space experience.

In the early days of yoga in my living room, I was detail-obsessed and placed careful attention on the yogis’ five senses. The time spent tying bows around inspirational quotes, creating ambience, and making chai was equal to the time spent preparing the asana sequencing plan. All were equally important to the experience.

Here’s how the senses were nurtured in the early days. Taste: brewing a pot of chai tea before class and serving the libation out of petite porcelain cups was the norm. Smell: scented candles and incense permeated the small space. Sound: relaxing tunes flowed from the double cassette stereo. Touch: simple adjustments and warm hugs helped make the community comfortable. Sight: colorful mats, blankets, and eye pillows were strategically scattered about, along with zen rocks and handmade brochures.

Today attention to creating this special experience continues despite having 52 teachers, two studio locations, and a team of 100+ men and women. These small details infiltrate what we do and how we do it, although it’s evolved to accommodate our growing community.

Here’s how the senses are nurtured now. Taste: large pots of our signature blend (organic chamomile, lavender, rose hip, spearmint, peppermint), tasty cookies, and refreshing mints. Smell: relaxing lavender permeates the studios, candles and incense offer soft scents, and the bathrooms have spritzes to refresh. Sound: music, inspiring readings, and concise languaging infuse our classes. Touch: offering assists in a therapeutic way is a signature we’ve cultivated over the years. Sight: damask print, soothing colors, eco elements, and artistic flair have been are design aesthetic for the studios.

When the studio was launched in 1999, these small details helped create a respite for overwhelmed Washingtonians seeking tranquility. And the intention remains the same. From the treats set out during our Yogi Appreciation Weeks to the abundance of tea and cookies to our dedication to giving back, the Tranquil Space experience permeates everything we do. And ideally touches each of your senses when you walk through the doors.

Tranquil Space is not only a place to practice yoga, but also a place to safe space to come back to yourself. To exhale. And to relish in simple sensory delights. As we count down to our Friday, October 24 15-Year Celebration I want to express extreme gratitude for joining us on this journey. Walking down this path has changed my life and the lives of many over the years. Thank you for making Tranquil Space your home. Namaste.

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