Boutique Spotlight: Linda Wilson (aka, Mama Wilson)

Tranquil Space is proud to feature the talented woman behind the many handmade items available for sale in the boutique (scarves, greeting cards, lavender filled eye pillows & neck pillows and so much more). And if that isn’t enough she also makes our beautiful studio pillows, drapes, meditation bolsters & cushions, door draft dodgers and even some of the fabric dress forms at the Arlington studio. Whew! And if you haven’t figured it out already, Linda is Tranquil Space creative director & founder, Kimberly Wilson’s mom!  (Seen here being adorable at age 2).

Linda Wilson 2 yrs. old_-1

1. When did you start making handmade items (crafting, cooking, sewing, etc.)? 
 Have you always been talented in this area?

Growing up with a mother who had a home economics degree and who married during the depression, she had become very economically resourceful. Therefore I learned to iron and make my own clothes, but cooking was not a strong suit for me. Since moving to the country, I have found great personal satisfaction in planting, growing, harvesting, & canning our own produce. Being a Camp Fire girl got my creative juices going since I could earn beads and awards along the way. Talented in the crafting area? I think it is just perseverance in what I am creating to make it a little better each time.

2. What inspires you?
My inspiration comes when I greet the day and see what I want to do. Retirement is great. As to past inspiration, again, my mother. She would try any new challenge. If she liked it, she continued and improved, or she would put it away to try again another day. I fear I have too many projects put away to try another day, but I have followed her tradition to be willing to try new crafts, etc. I do find inspiration in visual items as I am a visual learner. Magazines such as the Somerset Studio publications are some of my favorites. Love “Green Craft!” I also shop Amazon for books to give me new ideas. Kimberly inspires and motivates me. She asks if I think I could make something and I accept the challenge. That is how the mat bags, eye pillows, bolsters, meditation pillows, banners, scarfs, and cowls came to Tranquil Space boutiques.

Linda sewing3. What new projects are you currently working on?

I am currently getting back into jewelry making. While in D.C. last May, Kimberly gave me a box load of her beads and accessories, and I have been inspired to get my tools out and look though jewelry books again for inspiration. Scrapbooking and making cards are items set out and ready for me, but I am always on call for Kimberly’s new ideas and I have found it fun to have the back and forth between us until we see the same concept on a project, then I mail it and Kimberly says, “Perfect!” I recently purchased a couple of new books on quilting, and am thinking about trying my hand. The yarn bombs have been very interesting as nothing like that is seen around my area of Oklahoma.

4. Favorite artists?
I have favorite artists like Mary Cassatt, Andrew Wyeth, Norman Rockwell and all pre-Raphaelite artists like John William Waterhouse. In the multi-creative field, I admire anyone who takes the ordinary and makes it a piece of art. Kimberly does that with her art journaling.

5. Did you teach Kimberly everything she knows?
Of course! Now for the honest answer. I taught her to reach for the stars, and she continued reaching beyond the stars to other galaxies. I taught her to see the best in herself, and she sees the best in herself and all she meets. I taught her to care for her fellow humans and she went beyond to care for all living creatures. Kimberly has become her own woman, and I am proud to be her mother, and friend, and employee.

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