Arm Balancing Workshop Coming to Tranquil Space Arlington

Do wonder how to start to fly in crow? What is parsva bakasana? One-legged what? 

Parsva Bakasana

Join Siobhan in Arlington Saturday, July 26, from 5-7 for a heated practice where she will break down he mysteries of flying in:

  • Bakasana (crow)
  • Parsva Bakasana (side crow)
  • Galavasana (flying crow)
  • Eka Pada Bakasana (one-legged crow)
  • Crow flying? Then learn how to transition to tri-pod headstand and back
  • Your Parsva Bakasana already taking off? Then learn the steps to take it to chatturanga and tri-pod headstad

This workshop is geared for those who want to learn how to work into these poses and if you already know some then Siobhan will work with you to take them deeper and play in new ways. Since we will spend a lot of time on our hands this workshop is not a good fit for beginners.

“Siobhan’s knowledge of the subject matter was eclipsed only by her enthusiasm for the practice. The workshop was the perfect combination of challenging and fun.” – workshop participant

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