Tranquil Space Membership starting at $99/month August 1st

For five years we’ve offered different ways for students to take as many of our amazing yoga classes as they can take without having to think about counting class passes or worrying that increasing their practice will break their budget. We’re announcing two levels of Tranquil Space membership available August 1st. The exciting part: membership at Tranquil Space with unlimited yoga now starts at $99/month:

Membership Pricing

Effective 8/1/14

We spent several months researching the number of classes most students take and we think the two membership levels provide the best benefit options at a great price. We think most Tranquil Space students will find either basic or premium membership best fits for their practice.

Current members will magically become premium members on August 1st, maintaining the same benefits they’ve had all along. Also on August 1st, our membership policies will also get a polish – you can read more about them here.

Along with the new membership levels, we’re making some changes to class pass and drop-in prices:

Class Pricing

effective 8/1/14

Class pass prices are rising slightly starting August 1st, but as always class passes do not expire at Tranquil Space.

If you’ve been a regular student at Tranquil Space using class passes, you may want to take a second look at membership. Many of you, especially those that practice at least once per week (or 5 times per month) will find basic membership gives you more yoga at a better rate. Want some help trying to decide what’s best for you? Ask our front desk staff or email Gretchen, the Tranquil Space Yoga Advisor at

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