Reflections: Accepting Imperfection

As we approach the middle of the month I wanted to share something about the theme of the month for June at Tranquil Space: accepting imperfection.

While preparing my classes and while listening to other teachers in class, I’ve been reflecting about this concept. How to accept imperfection when we are striving for a job well done, getting good grades, preparing a fabulous meal, flawless relationships or finally getting into forearm balance?

A light lit up last week while I was reminiscing about the recent Costa Rica Yoga & Creativity Retreat I took at the end of May: accepting imperfection opens possibilities.
The Costa Rica yoga retreat included creativity sessions on writing, art journaling, drawing and painting; and this made me feel a bit intimidated as I hadn´t hold a painting brush in my hand since grade school (other than to paint the walls in the apartment). But a funny thing happened as I looked for a leave and a plant to draw: it was fun! The drawing didn’t have to be perfect. I just had to try, play, explore, take a first step. It became less intimidating and much more joyful. In the end, that’s what creativity is about: exploring new ways in art and in any other fields in life.

Accepting imperfection allowed me to explore anew an area I had forgone as I grew up. Accepting imperfection allows us to develop our capabilities.

The original:

photo (2)

The painting:

The next Costa Rica Yoga Art & Asana Retreat with Kimberly and Mary Catherine is May 23-30, 2015.

Beatriz teaches (imperfectly and with an accent) at Tranquil Space Dupont:
Open Flow on Saturdays at 2:15pm.
Second Sundays Baby & Me class at 11:00am.

Kimberly caught a picture of me while drawing the plant…And forgot to include the plant itself in the frame of the picture!

photo (2)


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