Meet Kat Buechel: our Advanced Teacher Training Grad!


May marked one of the final requirements of my ATT year.  Teaching “Anatomy and Yoga for Jocks” with a group of students and teachers was one of my goals for the year.  I teach in a non-traditional yoga setting with CrossFitters and wanted to learn more about how yoga could help build flexibility for weightlifters.  As a yoga teacher at Tranquil Space and CrossFit Adaptation/Falls Church the past several years, I’ve learned so much about the Northern Virginia yoga community.  My yoga teaching journey has been one that has surprised me in so many ways and opened up doors that I never knew were possible taking my practice off the mat, into the CrossFit box, and meeting so many dedicated yogis new and seasoned from all walks of life along the way.



My ATT journey was inspired by learning more about anatomy, specifically for athletes- runners, CrossFitters, injured, and retired.  We all come to the yoga mat for a different reason, but finding a balance between training and continuing to come back to yoga again and again is really where I find my own journey as a student and teacher.  How does a dedicated runner find themselves taking a Yoga 1 class?  As a teacher, what I can do to best serve them motivated me for taking the next step to get the 500hr certification.



The question of “why yoga,” is so important to me as a teacher and student of the practice.  Why do I come to my mat, why do my students show up, and how as a teacher can I create an environment that is challenging for them both physically and mentally?  In one of Darren Main’s sessions this year, he answered this question for me.  He said, “yoga changes you and makes you a better person.”  A runner may show up to Yoga 1 to gain flexibility, but why they continue to come back changes over time.  This becomes the heart of the yoga practice and something that brings students back again and again.  Yoga resonates with everyone in different ways each and every time you step on to your mat. Your DownDog will never feel the same one day to the next, your tree pose is always a little different, because you are different every time you show up and do the work.  My ATT journey this year helped me grow as teacher, but it also reaffirmed my love for the yoga practice as a student.

So, why do you do yoga?




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