June Yogi: Christine Dang-Vu

ChristineThis summer, I will celebrate my fifth year practicing at Tranquil Space and my fifth year as a yogi. Initially compelled by uncertain times—a string of heartaches, lack of clear professional direction, and 3,000 miles from my home state of California—I decided, on a whim, to try yoga at TS’ Dupont studio. Ignorant of its benefits, I was ready to dismiss its so-called merits.

Nevertheless, guided by my first teachers (Carol, Melissa, Pari, and Kimberly), I began to eagerly make time for class and soon, yoga became regular practice. Connecting movement and breath, the experience of flowing and holding the asanas provided sensible reminders of how I wanted to approach life: finding comfort in discomfort, letting go, expressing gratitude, appreciating novelty in the familiar, willingly confronting what is unknown.

Thank you, Tranquil Space and your wonderful cOMmunity, for being a place that inspires me daily to explore and evolve on & off the mat.

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