June Founder’s Muse

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. — Viktor Frankl

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. — Viktor Frankl

Welcome to June at Tranquil Space. This month we’re offering inspiration through Teacher Training Level 1, Yoga and Fertility, Barre and Yoga, Preparing for Birth, 108 Sun Salutations, and more. Peruse our offerings and you’ll find something special to grow your practice and deepen self-understanding.

I’m fresh back from a week in the tropics with co-host Mary Catherine Starr and a beautiful group of yogis. We ate lots of fresh fruit, practiced hours of yoga, sipped water from coconuts, explored creative endeavors such as mixed media and writing, and aligned our sleep with the sun. It’s always an honor to hit the reset button.

As we move closer to the celebration of our 15th year, I’m continuing the storytelling of our humble beginningsour core values and how we strive to live them, and my first yoga experience. This month we’re exploring how the name Tranquil Space came to be and why it matters.

On a 4th floor walk-up at 16th and U, Yoga at Kimberly’s began to welcome yogis from across the city and as far as McLean and Bowie. Some saw the flier at a local business, others saw the mention in the classifieds of City Paper under instruction, and a few were personal friends. Either way, they all gathered in search of tranquility. An oasis in a transient, fast-paced, demanding city.

As we began the transition from my walk-up to a church parlor, I wanted to replace Yoga at Kimberly’s with something that evoked emotion, served as a respite, and beckoned the soul to rest. While sitting around a living room with fellow Women’s Business Center colleagues, Tranquil Space was coined. And it stuck. And it’s offered me a gentle reminder many times a day of what matters most. Tranquility.

Among the 8 limbs of yoga, pratayahara is encouraged. It’s often defined as withdrawal of the senses. The ability to be in the midst of chaos and still find stillness. Most people can find tranquility on a secluded beach, at a silent meditation retreat, or in a favorite yoga class. But finding tranquility among deadlines, a chilling diagnosis, or the end of a relationship is challenging. The fifth limb of yoga encourages steadiness at all times. That’s a tranquil space within.

While penning the Mindful Monday muse for Tranquility du Jour yesterday, I pulled the above Viktor Frankl quote to share. Despite the fact that I’ve read it, resonated with it, and shared it for years, the use of “space” within the quote seemed perfect for the description of our 15-year-old community.

The studio offers us the opportunity to practice. To practice being with discomfort (hello side crow). To practice self-compassion. To practice being in our bodies. And, ideally, the space to choose our response to the stimuli of daily life. In that response lies our growth and our freedom from patterns that no longer serve us. Choose with compassion.

May you bask in that space of tranquility. Thus, Tranquil Space. Namaste.

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