Jump Into Yoga 2 This July @ TSA!

Yoga Dave Kidney-321_2_2 (2)

Ready to take your practice to the next level, but not sure how to take the leap?

Join Dave Kidney at TSA on Saturday, 7/12 from 5-7:30pm for Jump into Yoga 2, a workshop designed to assist students in finding their core strength and learning to harness this strength in their physical asana practice. We will focus on chaturanga and jumping into chaturanga and forward fold, but will also spend time exploring crow and headstand.

This workshop is perfect for students who have regularly attended Open Flow and/or On-the-go classes at either studio, who are interested in learning how to step things up a notch while being aware of alignment and form.

Click here to sign up online. The workshop is $40 ($34 for members), or $35 if you register online (members $29.75).

Look forward to seeing you there!


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