July Yogi: Janet Rhenquist

Janet Rhenquist

I am honored to be the TS yogi of the month. I have been practicing yoga for many years and found TS in 2012 when I listened to my inner voice and made a transformative career move, left the K Street corridor behind, and began to work from home in Arlington. I found community and wonderful classes at the Arlington studio. Always a noon-time exercise/yoga junkie, I find the on-the-go classes a perfect break from the work day— a chance to reboot – and even if nothing else “good” happens during the day I know I can rely on the teachers and community at TS to nourish and enrich me and remind me to breathe. I am fortunate that I have been able to structure my life around yoga classes, which has enabled my almost daily practice on the mat. This discipline has helped me live yoga off the mat. Through TS, I have also become a Yin devotee and love the stillness and peace that comes from holding the shapes.

Many thanks and Namaste to the TS community.

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