Meet Dorien Vissers: our 500 hour Teacher Training Grad!



My name is Dorien Vissers and I started ATT at TS when the summer of 2013 came to an end. I was very excited to expand my yoga adventure in new directions, being new to TS and to the DC (yoga) community. With a background from Kripalu, I had little experience with the more traditional Vinyasa Flow nor with hands-on assists. Quite frankly, I was somewhat overwhelmed at first. I seemed to have come at a straightforward place, with no fuss or rituals, the things I was so used to from prior experience. Then gradually, I got more and more connected to the TS community and started to appreciate the new approach. I have been internalizing vinyasa and integrated hands-on assists in my teaching. I started to teach peak poses that have never been in my own practice and which were very much out of my comfort zone. So, ATT freed me out of my cocoon and I just tried and tried. It’s been very rewarding for me to play around with those acrobatic postures.

Now, after almost a year, I can truly say that it has all happened! I now feel that I can pick whatever I wish to teach; vinyasa, yin, restorative, yoga nidra, yoga dance, chair yoga (e.g. for seniors or corporate business), gentle up to vigorous. And, leading workshops is another fantastic thing that has been awakened within me. I never knew I like doing it.

For me, development in yoga means learning from different approaches and traditions. I feel my growth and strength comes from starting in one yoga tradition and then growing in another to develop my own signature. I was lucky and thankful to have been surrounded by the yogis and yoginis of TS who are so open minded and respectful to all! After ATT, I will continue my journey in exploring the yoga path and will stay connected with TS.


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