Anatomy and Yoga for Jocks: A Toolbox for Yoga Teachers, CrossFit Coaches, and Athletes

There is still time to join today’s workshop “Anatomy and Yoga for Jocks: A Toolbox for Yoga Teachers, CrossFit Coaches, and Athletes”.

Yoga has long been used by athletes to supplement their training. One recent trend, CrossFit, has increasingly added yoga classes within their affiliates as a part of their training. This workshop is designed for yoga teachers, CrossFit Coaches, and Athletes to understand more about why yoga is used in CrossFit affiliates and how to use yoga to train athletes. We will learn about the foundations of CrossFit, common areas of inflexibility and range of motion in athletes, learn about benefits of yoga for CrossFit training, and offer tools for yoga teachers who want to learn more about this community.

Saturday, May 17 from 1:00 pm to  3:00 pm at TS Dupont with Kat Buechel.

Kat Buechel
The workshop will provide yoga teachers, CrossFit coaches, and athletes with simple stretches for a warm-up and cool down, give tips on meditation and mindfulness specific to CrossFit competitors, as well as yoga asana for recovery. We will perform a Work Out of the Day (WOD) followed by a yoga practice to learn more about how these practices are combined.

Please bring a pair of running shoes for the WOD and yoga mat for practice. For participants interested in attending, no experience with CrossFit or yoga is needed. The WOD and yoga are both able to be modified and will be accessible for beginners at all levels.

The workshop is free to participants, but a suggested donation of $10 is encouraged towards Infant Swim Resource, providing drowning prevention and swimming lessons to children under the age of 4.

This workshop is a works of love by our teachers in the Advanced Teacher Training program (ATT). They represent their central thesis work and involve a lot of passion, study, research, and hard work. All are welcome, but space is limited.

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