The Yoga of Conscious Consumption

[Image from Michael Coghlan via flickr]

[Image from Michael Coghlan via flickr]

Did you know that each U.S. resident accrues an average of 82 pounds of textiles (clothing and other fabrics) each year? The Council for Textile Recycling says that number is growing. And only 15% gets donated or recycled! Even without my iPhone calculator handy, I gather that a great many clothes end up in landfills each year in our country.

The yoga teachings offer us a principle called aparigraha, or greedlessness, which encourages us to have only what we need and no more. We all make choices in how and what we choose to consume, and aparigraha reminds us to be more mindful in our consumption patterns, and consider ways that we can live more simply and be content with what we have.

In the spirit of aparigraha, we’re hosting a ChariTea Swap Shop this month at the studio. Come refresh your wardrobe in a way that won’t add to the waste already accumulating in landfills each year.

Sign up online under the “Workshops and Events” tab. The event asks for a $10 donation entry and 10 items to swap. Donation entries go to My Sister’s Place, a non-profit serving battered women and their children in DC and the remaining clothes will go to N Street Village, a community of empowerment and recovery for homeless and low-income women in DC.


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