Mom and Daughter Mala Making + Partner Yoga

Saturday, May 10 from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm at TS Dupont – Sky Studio

Kat Buechel - year 6Meyers

Join Kat Buechel and Carol Meyers, for a Mother’s Day workshop for moms and daughters (young daughters starting at age 8+ welcome).

Carol will lead participants in the craft of hand-knotting a delicate strand of vegan faux pearls into a bracelet mala (Sanskrit; meaning garland).Then join Kat in a mother and daughter yoga class that will allow you to spend meaningful time with your greatest admirer and supportive soul! We’ll spend one hour in a nurturing flow as mother and daughter find connection through center and balance.

This workshop will offer the opportunity to invoke trust, empowerment, and the best gift-laughter- as you are guided through a series of yoga postures, partner yoga, and breathing. The workshop and partner flow will be accessible for mom and daughter bonding of all ages.

For more information, see the TS event scheduler here.

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