Experiments in Recycling

(care of Michael via Flickr creative commons)

(care of Michael via Flickr creative commons)

As yogis, we’re always mindful of our consumption and our footprint on the planet. So, here are a few ideas to help you take your recycling to the next level:

Turn Your Water Bottles into a Watercraft
Like the voyageurs on Plastiki did. A boat constructed of plastic bottles survived an 8,000-mile trip across the Pacific. In comparison, the Potomac should be a piece of cake!

Make Tubes into a Tube-Alternative
Instead of waiting on the Silver Line, let’s build a new bridge from VA to DC! Architect Shigeru Bans built a bridge almost entirely from cardboard tubes. Think of the meta-meaning of aiding bridge and tunnel passage with tubes (see: british slang). Too fun to pass up.

Turn Paper into Couture
The DIY site Instructables has posts for how to make all kinds of recycled dresses. This one describes how to stitch a dress from newspapers. The author reminds you to avoid water and fire in this delicate dress. They say nothing about Silly Putty, however, so enjoy.

Come to Our ChariTea Swap Shop
Looking for a more traditional, and maybe even social way to recycle? Come to our spring clothing swap next Friday, April 25 from 7-9p at our Dupont location. Arrive with your underused garments and leave with some sparkly new-to-you pieces! Sign up online under the “Workshops and Events” tab. The event asks for a $10 donation entry and 10 items to swap. Donation entries go to My Sister’s Place, a non-profit serving battered women and their children in DC and the remaining clothes will go to N Street Village, a community of empowerment and recovery for homeless and low-income women in DC.

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