Creative Awaking: Tapping Into Your Creative Voice Workshop @ TSA


Looking for a way to awaken the creativity that lies within you? Then join me on Saturday, May 3rd for a Creative Awakening.

“One can be creative all the time. Creativity is usually associated with all the things we do in any time of the day. Most of the things and almost all events can involve creativity. From cooking to dressing up involves creativity. Being creative tends to be shown when opportunities come or when the situation calls for it…”

“Yoga opens up the flow of creativity, the unfurling of the creator within.”

This workshop is designed help you tap into the creative energy centers within you—the second and fifth chakras—to get energy flowing, clearing energy blockages, and helping to stimulate your creativity. The workshop will include a 90 minute vinyasa flow to help move energy throughout the body using movement, mantra, and meditation (wrapping up practice with a juicy restorative pose to continue tapping into those chakras and a seated chakra-focused meditation). After the meditation, participants will be invited to free-write anything that came up during the practice (from grocery lists to new project ideas). This will be followed by a short discussion and opportunity for participants to share their experiences with the practice and any differences in feelings before and after.

I hope you’ll join us for a Creative Awakening on the mat.

Namaste, Lisa

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