Big announcement: Tranquility Café

tranquility cafe

April is a month of rebirth and renewal, so it’s also a time we like to make big announcements at Tranquil Space. It is with great excitement that we can share our latest dose of tranquility for DC and Arlington: Tranquility Café Farm to Table! This is our new vegetarian farm-to-table casual dining creation with locations opening at both studios this year. It’s the perfect way to celebrate our fifteenth year by bringing the best of locally grown food right to you.

TCFTT@TSD will be located in a new level above Sky studio and The Lab, complete with indoor/outdoor decking and a cozy private dining room for parties and groups.


Artist rendering of the Dupont cafe: a large bar featuring fresh juice cocktails and (of course) a fireplace.

TCFTT@TSA is even more exciting: state-of-the-art boring technology has allowed us to silently create an underground level beneath River Studio over the past 18 months, excavating about 20,000 square feet for a truly spacious experience. It’s almost impossible to believe!


The Arlington café remains lit using solar reflection/refraction technologies to direct sunlight below ground.

Our all-vegetarian menus bring regional flavors, and we’re incredibly excited to have partnered with a top chef (shhh… secret reveal on who it is cOMing soon, but if you’ve ever watched Food Network, you’ll have heard of her!) to develop seasonal menus that are both exciting and delicious.

The good news: final boring was completed last night just after midnight at TCFTT@TSA, so we anticipate making our June 31st opening in Arlington. TCFTT@TSD is a bit behind schedule, but we’re hoping to have it open by September 31st. MUCH more to come!

Happy April 1st to everyone… we’re beyond excited to finally be able to share this with you!

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