Ashtanga Yoga Workshop THIS Saturday @ TSA!


Join Anu for a tour through Ashtanga Yoga’s Primary Series on Saturday April 26th 5-7p at our Arlington location.

Ashtanga, which means “Eight Limbs” in Sanskrit, is a vigorous style of yoga based on the teachings of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.  Grounded in sun salutations and sequenced as set series of poses, the Ashtanga practice focuses on the breath, which draws in energy; the bandhas, which contain this energy and direct it throughout the body; and the counting of vinyasa, which synchronizes the flow of breath and the flow of movement in a systematic way.  The Ashtanga style of practice often appeals to athletes and those who enjoy high-energy exercise.  Come prepared to play and sweat!  Modifications will be offered, although familiarity with sun salutations and chaturanga dandasana is strongly recommended.

You can sign-up in advance here.

We hope to see you there!!

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