A Teacher’s Tool-box: Planting the Seed of Intention

Join Kimberly Wilson, founder of Tranquil Space, on Sunday, May 4th from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm at TS Dupont for an exploration of creativity as an extension of your yoga practice.

kimberlyDuring our final session, we’ll explore your action plan’s results, discuss sankalpa {seed-planting} and the importance of ahimsa, tapas, santosha, and ishvara-pranidhana in your ongoing creativity practices, explore yoga to stoke your creativity, and design an updated action plan through art journaling. Awaken your inner artist, sharpen your skills, and invoke mindfulness to bring creative dreams to life.

Bring a yoga mat, journal, magazines to cut up, writing tools, and an open heart.

This is a part of the Advanced Teacher Training so CE hours are available, email Angelyn@tranquilspace.com.


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