Befriending Stress + Anxiety: An 8-Week Women’s Group

Tuesday, April 1st to May 20th, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm at TS Dupont
Befriending Stress + Anxiety: An 8-Week Women’s Group
with Kimberly Wilson

Kimberly Wilson

Today women are pulled in multiple directions balancing personal and professional demands. Stress and anxiety are a normal part of one’s journey at home, at work, in relationships, and everywhere in between. At times it can feel debilitating or isolating.

Beloved Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron reminds us, “Loving-kindness toward ourselves doesn’t mean getting rid of anything… We can still be timid or jealous or full of feelings of unworthiness. The point is not to try to change ourselves. Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It’s about befriending who we are already. The ground of practice is whoever we are right now, just as we are.”

Join a supportive group of women to share your experience, challenges, and successes. Together we’ll explore ways to live with more ease through proven techniques including mindfulness, creativity, healthy eating, relaxation, sound sleep, meditation, and gentle yoga.

This eight-week program dives into various tools for deepening self-understanding, assisting with emotional regulation, learning to respond versus react to daily stressors, and living with tranquility. Sessions include group check-ins, discussion, a brief lecture, and an activity. We’ll have weekly time together as a group and a few hours of recommended self-study between sessions.

Please arrive in comfy clothing with writing tools and a personal journal. $349. Space is limited to 8 participants and may require a brief phone call with Kimberly Wilson, LGSW to determine if this is a good fit for you. Early registration encouraged.

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