Introducing 15 for $5

In celebration of our 15th year, we’re kicking off “15 for $5″ next week. Every week, one class at either studio (Arlington or Dupont Circle) will have 15 spots available for only $5. It’s another way for yogis in our cOMmunity to get their yoga on for less! We will announce the 15 for $5 classes 24 hours beforehand on Facebook and Twitter.

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How it works:

  • We announce the class the day before on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Come to the studio to check into class, and mention “15 for $5” – if you’re one of the first fifteen yogis to mention it, class is only $5.
  • This is first-come, first-served, so make sure you arrive early (max. 1 hour prior) to improve your chance at getting a spot. Once the fifteen $5 spots are filled, regular rates apply.



Q: Can I reserve a 15 for $5 in advance? Can I call ahead?
A: No, it’s only available on the day of, in-person. If you reserved a spot in class using a class pass for a 15 for $5 class, you can go ahead and ask if there are still spots left. If there are, you can save the pass for another time and get in for $5

Q: Does this impact members or anyone else on unlimited passes?
A: Your passes still work just the same in 15 for $5 classes.

Q: Can I bring friends along?
A: Yes, as long as you are somewhere in numbers 1-15, you all can take that class for $5.

Q: Is this some big secret? Can I retweet or repost a 15-for-$5 class announcement?
A: This will be the worst-kept secret in Arlington and DC. Go ahead and retweet, repost and share away.

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