TSA’s February Book Club

Join Lisa and your fellow TS yogis on Sunday, February 23, for a discussion of Yoga Gems: A Treasury of Practical and Spiritual Wisdom from Ancient and Modern Masters edited by Georg Feuerstein.

Yoga Gems is an inspirational and accessible introduction to the deep inner wisdom of yoga gathered from sources both ancient and modern by one of America’s most respected yoga scholars. We look forward to discussing your thoughts about this collection of wisdom.

The Breath is the Water of Life

Our breath is constantly rising and falling, ebbing and flowing, entering and leaving our bodies. Full body breathing is an extraordinary symphony of both powerful and subtle movements that massage our internal organs, oscillate our joints, and alternately tone and release all the muscles of the body. It is full participation with life.—Donna Farhi

Follow Your Heart

Without heart, everything else counts for nought. Unless the heart expands, nothing else will avail.—Swami Akhandananda

Mental Purity

You are the master of your mind, and you have to keep it pure. Your responsibility ends there, the rest is God’s business.—Swami Vijnanananda

Choose Your Friends Wisely

It is the wisest wisdom to select only those as friends who will help towards the blossoming of the Tree of Divinity within you. The character, tastes and opinions of your friend are constantly undergoing change, for the better or for the worse. You must carefully watch the shifting color of his ideal and decide whether his company is dragging you down or pulling you up. Remember that introspection is the only lever of conduct. Question your soul more often than you consult your watch or your barometer.

In true friendship, mutual love produces a constant upward movement of the two souls…. There is nothing in the world too precious to give to win a friend with whom you may tramp together round the universe of the sun and the universe of the soul.—Sri Ananda Acharya

TSA’s book club will be meeting at 7:30 PM in the Tea Lounge (at our Arlington studio) to enjoy tea, cookies, and lively conversation. All are welcome (reading of the entire book in advance is not required to join the discussion)!

We hope to see you there!


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