Teacher Feature: Megan Cochrane


Favorite part of teaching yoga?

Feeling connected to something so much bigger than myself. When I’m teaching a sequence and every single person in the room is flowing and breathing in unison, it’s truly a gift to witness. I hope, in turn, this provides a time and space for each yogi to get out of their heads, into their bodies, and to connect to the moment.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Seattle, Washington for the first ten years and spent the second ten years in Arizona. They’re pretty different! Don’t tell the desert dwellers, but Seattle was my favorite. It’s a city with grit and perseverance – the artists, businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, and techies are some of the most passionate and optimistic people you’ll meet. One of the best kept secrets about Seattle is it really doesn’t rain THAT much. :)

What are your top 3 hobbies?

Teaching yoga is my favorite hobby. Taking yoga (or pilates!) classes are close seconds and hiking outdoors is third.

Favorite movie?

I really like Lord of the Rings! I guess that makes me a fantasy nerd, but the adventure and friendship are tough to resist. Every once in a while I try to convince my friends or boyfriend to watch the whole series with me. I’m running low on watching companions…

Favorite restaurant in DC/VA/MD?

Thai Crossing. Forget picking from a menu. The waitstaff bring out whatever dishes the chef dreams up that night. The food is so authentic, and by that I mean, extremely spicy. And delicious.

Favorite yoga pose and why?

I really love/hate plank. It’s complicated. I guess I love to hate it? I haven’t found another pose quite like it that stabilizes the pelvis and shoulders and builds strength, heat, and confidence.

Favorite holiday?

The Fourth of July! It brings all sorts of people together. Friends, family, strangers. It’s always sweltering hot. Everyone squats together in the grass to watch the sky light up. I really like it when the whole group “ooo’s” and “ahhh’s” together.

If you could take a yoga class from any teacher in the world (living or dead), who would it be?

I would take Darren Main’s Tuesday evening class in a cathedral in San Francisco. I had the pleasure of taking his workshop this past weekend in DC and he said that over 500 people attend class each week. The backdrop and breath in the cathedral must be breathtaking.

If you could be one animal, what would you be and why?

Definitely a sea lion. Napping in the sunshine. Making really unattractive noises all day without weird looks from others. And slipping into the water for a lap or two when you feel like it? Paradise!


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