Partner Yoga Workshop THIS Saturday

partner yoga

Explore the meaning of yoga in a new way this weekend with Anu and Katie at Tranquil Space Arlington’s Partner Yoga Workshop (Saturday, Feburary 15, 5-7 PM).

Yoga has been translated as “to yoke” or “to unite.”  In this workshop, we’ll engage in a two-hour practice of supported yoga as we explore how to maximize our asanas through our partner’s body weight, support, and breath.  Our practice will include standing and seated poses practiced with a partner with an emphasis on heart-opening poses.  Build strength and flexibility through back-to-back triangle poses, double chair poses, assisted backbends and forward folds – and much more!

Bring a friend or family member, significant other, or yourself (we’ll pair you up!).  We’ll be using two mats (one for each person), so bring them along or rent them from the front desk.  No previous yoga experience is required.  A good sense of humor and an open mind are strongly encouraged. :)

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