Yogi of the Month: Marjorie DePuy

marjorieI walked into the doors of Tranquil Space on P Street in 2006 and have been touched by the gifts of yoga and of the TS community ever since. Even if my career or my life leads me in other directions for a while, Tranquil Space is always home.

I grew up on Capitol Hill and live near the National Cathedral now, still loving the small communities within the city. I spend most days managing programs for a healthcare trade association and sneaking away to yoga on-the-go classes in Arlington. I also enjoy volunteering, experimenting in the kitchen, hiking and adventuring with loved ones. I am looking forward to what the New Year brings! Namaste.

One thought on “Yogi of the Month: Marjorie DePuy

  1. Alli H.

    January 2, 2014 at 9:52am

    Yay Marjorie! Miss you! Hope to see you at TSA soon :)

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