Welcome to our *NEW* Tranquil Space Teachers!!

We are happy to introduce our six (6) new teachers who you will start seeing leading classes at both Dupont and Arlington! Please welcome:

Tranquil Space

Sarah Askin (Teacher sub Dupont)

Hello Tranquil Space Team! I am beyond thrilled to be joining the Tranquil Space teaching team as a sub for the Dupont Circle studio. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a graduate of TT200, a teacher assistant on Monday nights for Siobhan’s 5:30pm on ON-THE-GO class, and a school counselor for Montgomery County Public Schools by day. I currently teach yoga at the Hilton, Living Well Health Club twice a week.  I live in Brightwood, DC (near Siobhan and Anne) with my wonderful husband Michael and my sweet puppy dog, Baxter.  I am really looking forward to meeting ALL of you and working with such an inspiring group of people.  Thank you for your support as I transition from yogi/assistant to yogi/assistant/ and sub teacher at Tranquil Space. 


Erin Beddingfield (Teacher Arlington, 6:45am Mondays)

Hi friends! I’m Erin – a professional tree hugger, rescue mutt mommy, outdoor addict and recovering distance runner originally from the beautiful Star City of the South, Roanoke, Virginia. I completed my TT2 back in December, and have had the pleasure of TAing Kat Buechel’s Thursday OTG class at TSA for the past month or so. I LOVE a creative flow and an even more creative playlist. My non-mat professional background is in environmental policy, and I work for a consulting firm in DC specializing in greenhouse gas emissions accounting and related policy.

I am very excited to become a part of the teaching team and am humbled to join the ranks of a group of folks that I deeply respect. I look forward to learning from you all and getting to know you better! Namaste!


Megan Bracy (Teacher Arlington, 6:30pm Y2 & Teacher Sub Dupont)

Megan Bracy is excited to start her teaching journey at Tranquil Space.  She has been working at the front desk in Arlington since 2009, and has been a TA on Tuesday nights in Arlington since July.  She also sells her jewelry at the studio.  When not at Tranquil Space, Megan works for a non-profit that resettles refugees in the U.S., managing large employment and case management programs for a national network.  Originally hailing from New Hampshire, Megan has lived in the DC area for five years.


Brooke Hopper (Teacher Sub Arlington & Dupont)

Hi!  I’m Brooke.  I graduated from TT200 in May 2010, I am currently an ATT student, and I am thrilled to be back in DC.  After graduating TT200 I did a lot of assisting both at TS and other locations, and had a couple teaching gigs, as well.  I moved to Rwanda in November 2010 and over the last three years I taught yoga to expats on the patio of my house once a week in the TS style (it was a big patio), and went on yoga retreats in beautiful places like Mozambique, Morocco, and Mexico.  Now that I am back in town, I am excited to become a part of the TS teacher team and getting to know all of you better.  One of my favorite parts of yoga is assisting (both giving and receiving), so if I am ever in your class, feel free to lay it on me!  My cats Marmite and Fanta (aka The Kids) also want me to say meow from them.  Meow.  See you all in the studio soon!


Alia Khan (Teacher Sub Dupont)

I grew up in Austin, TX, and am a happily recovering attorney. For the 4+ years that I practiced corporate law here in DC, my yoga practice was essential to maintaining my sanity. I am now a Realtor and the Dining Editor of Bisnow Media, and still use my yoga practice to maintain much-needed balance in my busy life. I graduated from Tranquil Space’s 200-hour program in December 2012, but have been teaching yoga (and loving it!) since April 2012. My main goal as a teacher is to help those who are in similarly demanding environments understand that yoga is so much more than just a great workout, and teach them how to apply yoga to help manage their everyday lives, just like I did.


Carol Meyers (Teacher Arlington, 12:15pm Y1 & Teacher Sub Dupont)

Carol found her way to Tranquil Space when Kimberly Wilson opened the 17th Street location. She joined the studio shortly thereafter and has found solace here ever since.

 Competing TT1 Jan. ’10 and TT2 Dec. ’12, Carol has served as a TSD TA for two years. Currently, she brings yoga to clients of Whitman-Walker Health as a volunteer. Her day job is in field of communications and marketing.

 Carol is grateful to follow in the footsteps of her beloved Tranquil Space role models and mentors.

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