Consider Doing the February 21-Day Challenge!

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Are you considering doing our February 21-Day Challenge, but not sure if is for you? Below are reflections from a few previous challenge conquerors that may help with your decision:

      • “I really enjoyed the 21-Day Challenge. When I first started yoga, it was an event.  I would go once a week, twice if I was lucky to help me relax.  However, the 21 day challenge was a major turning point in my practice because it motivated me to go to yoga several times a week. More importantly, it changed my mindset about yoga from the person who thought it was just an exercise class to the person who recognized it as a life-style decision.  I am very thankful for the challenges because they allow me to connect with like minded people on a daily basis!”
      • “The point of the challenge is not just to do more classes for the sake of it, but to do better yoga. This is your chance to do more yoga to improve your practice.”
      • “The challenge is a great way to share the energy of the practice with fellow yogis.”
  • “I find the challenges to be super-motivating and inspiring, plus, I always feel much stronger by the end.”
  • “I have done the TS 21 Day Challenge three times now (four if you include the one I didn’t complete) and absolutely love it.  It is a great motivator for trying new classes and expanding your practice.  It’s also a great way to bond with fellow yogis – especially about half way through when you start to recognize challenge participants by the look of sheer determination on their faces!”
  • “I definitely recommend signing up to do the 21-day yoga challenge! If you are looking for something to motivate you to continue going to class, this is the way to do it. My favorite aspects of completing the previous challenge include getting into a consistent routine, learning from different teachers, attending various styles of yoga classes and overall, just feeling great. I would definitely sign up for the challenge again!”
  • “I loved doing them. I never felt better physically than I did 3/4 of the way through a challenge.”
  • “I really like the challenges! They’re fun and a great opportunity to try out different classes and teachers.”
  • “For one, I thought there was maybe a 1% chance I could complete it last February because I was going out of town for the last 7 days of the month.  Once I hit the first week with a class everyday, I couldn’t wait to get on the mat and complete the challenge. One of the best things I did this past year….I’d never thought of practicing yoga twice a day, but I did and I actually found myself getting into and connecting to the latter practice faster than normal when I did this.”
  • “I have completed two 21-day challenges and one sunrise challenge, and I loved all three! The idea of working hard to complete a challenge appeals to the competitive part of my personality, but more importantly, it’s a great opportunity for me to deepen my practice in a structured way.”

So do not delay and see the front desk to sign-up today!


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