Yogi of the Month: Silke Stammer

Yogi December

Leaving Europe behind, I discovered Yoga on the new continent: And after a long journey as a newbie, walking 17th street on a crisp morning in January, I found Tranquil Space like a gem in the rough ocean of DC’s yoga studios – since then it’s been a delightful ride:

From early flows, lunch on-the-go’s in the middle of a full work day at my language school to ying yang on Saturdays after whirlwind weeks and meditation classes in the eves to the inspiring Level 1 Teacher Training in late Spring. I transitioned to the prenatal classes in the Summer and with the changing leaves and a son who decided to arrive early I finally found myself happily in baby-and-me yoga … and back on my own mat whenever possible.

The studio has been with me through all these chapters and challenges and I am more than curious about the new changes that are waiting around the corner of winter – and so many more things to learn and explore in the upcoming year.

Every face of the Tranquil Space Family that I have met along the way had an impact in different ways – and I am grateful for all of it and every new yoga glow after class!

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