Teacher Musings

This post is the equivalent of child’s pose. I had great plans to write something profound, to float to my feet or to spring to my hands in written form. But instead, I’m curling up and settling in. Be with me a moment.

It’s the most overwhelming time of the year for some of us. The days are so short — and the nights are filled with things to accomplish. There is such striving — not to want too much from ourselves or others and then the epic fail when we do. Thankfully, there is the mat. It doesn’t need decorations. It is beautiful in its simple shape and form, in its practicality. The studio is spare. But there is light and warmth — in our hearts, in the peace that comes from practicing this ancient art together. Everything else falls away, and clarity comes.

So join me. Touch your head to the mat this season. Take a much needed rest from the illusions of the world and find yourself in your breath and in your being.

Peace to you and to all of us in our cOMmunity. – Meg Artley

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