Asana in Action – Next Saturday

Join Siobhan Carranza on Saturday, January 4 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm for “Asana in Action” at TS Dupont.


  • Do you find you avoid certain poses in your teaching/sequencing because you are not sure how to teach it?
  • Do you leave certain poses out because they are not in your practice?
  • What about poses that you cannot currently do the full or deeper variation?
  • Do you struggle to teach beginners or advanced or mixed level classes?
  • Do you find yourself teaching the same poses in every class?

Learn to unlock the secret of asana for yourself and your students. This four-part seires is designed to help yoga teachers move through challenging asanas and transitions. Siobhan will help you break down those poses you avoid, explore their foundations + variations, and learn ways to sequence them effectively. She will inspire you to teach with healthy limits, compassionate support, and even teach poses that you may struggle in.

Warning: AHA moments and yoga epiphanies are likely to occur. Discussion, practice, and observed teaching involved. Allow yourself to test your edge. This is a part of Tranquil Space’s Advanced Teacher Training so CE are available, but all yogis are welcome. 

For more information and to register, see the TS workshop/event schedule here.

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