Yoga and Balance Workshop

“Achieving True Harmony In Your Life”

Learn how to find balance in your life through the physical practice of Yoga, coupled with the Yoga Sutras and the principles of Ayurveda!

In a modern world of constant motion and activity, the idea of balance may sometimes seem somewhat unattainable. In fact, much of the time we often feel a great disconnect between our true purpose, and where we actually focus our time and energy. When this happens, we not only feel stressed, but disempowered, and sometimes disenchanted. Learn how yoga can be a catalyst for change through the manifesting union with our self, in our relationships, and in our lives.


Join Kelly Kostecki on Friday, October 11 from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
at TS Dupont.

Through the practice, we start to reexamine what leads us to personal alignment and balance, and we start to put the pieces back together; both on and off the mat. This workshop will also tap into the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras, as a “manual” for yoga and show how they can offer a framework for gaining deeper perspective on our true essence, and the merits of a clear, still mind. Further, the principles of Ayurveda as a holistic and balancing practice will offer a foundation for adapting our lifestyles to allow our well beings to thrive. Begin the journey to balance and unity, so that you can once again find true peace in your life.

*Come ready to practice. This workshop will be part lecture and part empowering, inventive vinyasa. All levels welcome.

For more information on pricing and how to sign up, see the TS website here.

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