Yoga Anatomy & Therapeutics: Pelvis & Sacrum

The sacrum is the keystone of the arch of the pelvis, the fulcrum through which the weight of the torso is transferred into the legs and the force that moves up through the legs is transferred to the spine. This convergence is sacred because it is key to our locomotion and posture as bipedal animals. The pelvic floor muscles stabilize the pelvis, support the organs in the lower abdomen, and are key to postural alignment and alleviate many causes of hip and lower back imbalances and pain.

In this workshop you will review the anatomy of the pelvis and sacrum. Discover how to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor and increase core stability. Explore stability and integrity using both traditional and therapeutic modifications of asana and pranayama techniques.

MeganJoin Megan Davis on Saturday October 26 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
at TS Dupont.

Continuing education units (CE) are available for yoga teachers upon successful completion and per request. This is workshop is part of our Advanced Teacher Training, but all yogis are welcome.

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