TS Teacher Musings: Yoga & Parenthood


The baby was crying last night. Two hours straight, for no discernible reason. No pain; she was fed, warm, and clean. All we could do was be there with her as she worked out whatever it was that was bothering her. Our job was to be compassionately present, to be patiently in the moment, to release expectation of a timeline or specific outcome.

There have been a lot of these sessions in our young parenting lives.

Nothing has taught me about living in the moment like our sweet baby. Everyone tells you that the years will fly by and she’ll be heading off to school before we know it, and that’s true. What they don’t tell you is that the minutes can seem like hours. My yoga practice had begun to prepare me for this aspect of parenthood, and now parenthood prepares me for those tough moments on the mat.

Hard pose to hold or even fathom? Keep breathing and let the seconds slip past, because everything is temporary and you’re growing with each moment. Don’t understand what the other person is trying so desperately to communicate? Pause and listen, with your ears, mind, and heart—your beings can connect and find the answer together. Wonder why you subject yourself to this? Remember and then revel in the rewards of a deeper understanding of self, a more intimate connection to your tribe, and a renewed gratitude for the many experiences that make up your journey through life.

Motherhood, much like yoga, has taught me that I am stronger and more patient than I knew. It’s also introduced me to what I think of as “the club.” I didn’t know it was there until I was a part of it, this hidden-in-plain-view tribe—all the women who have been pregnant, who struggle to balance work and family, who strive to protect their own beings and their families’ wellbeing, who look out for one another—just like I didn’t know about the yoga “club” until I walked into Tranquil Space Bethesda and discovered a community of movers, thinkers, friends, mentors, and inspirations.

In gratitude for my tribes at home, online, and at the studio, who keep me growing, grounded, and alive to possibility—

Lauren Borchard

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