TS Teacher Musings: Enjoying the Detours

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Road closed. Detour. The signs pointed left, and I gazed up at a rocky, uneven path before me. Uphill too. Very uphill. I was having such a nice leisurely jog, and wasn’t sure I had the energy for a trail that day.

I could feel a knot of frustration in the pit of my stomach, and my mind jumped “Why does the road have to be closed”? Not the most productive question to ask because…I couldn’t do anything about it. I ended up loving the detour, saw parts of the forest I’d never seen and realized that running along the uneven surface actually made me feel more alert and alive, more in the moment.

This perspective, with all that is going on right now, was what I needed. With all that is going on right now – the government shutdown front and center here in DC, a new perspective on an old path was a welcome change. When we take the time to accept what we can’t change, we then open up the opportunity to explore what we can change. As I like to say, focus on the abundance, or what you have – as opposed to the deficit, or what you don’t have. When I look out with this frame, the world is brighter, “issues” more manageable, and most importantly life is lighter, and less stressful.

If you are looking for more tools to re-frame your vision, join me at the Yoga for Anxiety, Stress and Insomnia workshop on October 25th from 6:30-8:30 at the Dupont location. We will work with some simple yet powerful breathing techniques (pranayama) as well as deep, slow yoga poses (asana). We will also have time for discussion and journaling.

Hope you enjoy every detour along your path!

x Niyati

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