November Team Player of the Month: Kelsey Zorn

Team Player 2013 Kelsey

Favorite part of yoga?

My favorite part of yoga is the fact that whenever I practice, my mind goes silent and I focus only on my breath. Yoga has helped me make difficult decisions, sort out my feelings on complicated matters and find a bit of inner peace during turbulent times.

Where did you grow up?

Arlington, VA!

What are your top 3 hobbies?

Nature walks, knitting & terrarium-building (and yoga, of course!).

Favorite food?

My love of kale knows no bounds. Lacinato, not curly.

Favorite holiday?

I love thanksgiving because I adore cooking, it’s a great excuse to catch up with family/friends and it encourages you to take a break to reflect on your blessings.

Favorite yoga pose and why?

My favorite show-off pose is dove, because it opens up the hips, quads and you get a backbend (all while looking awesome). However, my real favorite pose is legs up the wall because I find it to be intensely restorative.

Dream vacation or favorite vacation you’ve ever been on?

My favorite vacation: 8 AM- 1 AM. Disneyland. Me & my best friend. No naps. I’ve never laughed so much in one day.

Favorite book?

Freedom, by Jonathan Franzen. I read it on my ipad but bought a paper copy just so I could lend it out to people.

What inspires you?

Meaningful conversations with my favorite people, dogs with squished faces and nature.


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