Breaking Out of the Box: Advice from a Recovering Attorney

After 5 years as a “sad lawyer,” I am incredibly grateful to be able to finally say that I am now a “recovering attorney.” I left my law firm at the end of 2012 to pursue a career in real estate with a side of restaurant writing and yoga teaching. My journey to the exit was a long and challenging one. Surprisingly, the most difficult part of it was answering the question, “so what DO you want to do?”

This workshop is designed for anyone – attorney or not – interested in exploring the possibility of change in their professional life. Join me for an evening of discussion, asana, and guided journaling aimed at finding a happier balance within your career. Swap war stories as I share my long and winding career-change journey: what worked, what didn’t, and strategies for transforming the scary leap into a series of exciting – yet manageable – steps.

Through asana and guided journaling, you’ll work on figuring out what you really need to be happier in your professional life. Whether you want a brand-new career or simply a positive shift within your current situation, are just beginning your own explorations outside of the box or have been on this path for a while, this workshop will help you move towards a happier, more fulfilling, and better-balanced work life.

aliaJoin me (Alia Khan) Friday, October 18
from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm at TS Dupont.
For more information on pricing and how to sign up,
visit the TS website here.

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